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About Me

Gratuitous - Riley Weller

My real name is Riley Weller, and I’m currently based out of Kelowna, B.C. Canada!

My friend introduced FL Studio to me around 2009, and in that time I’ve experienced quite a lot.

From working with a GRAMMY-Nominated artist, to running a couple audio blogs, what I’ve discovered is I absolutely love teaching topics in a very simple, fun, and understandable manner.

My artist name, GratuiTous, was actually thought of by that same friend who introduced me to FL Studio.

After discovering one meaning of the word GratuiTous (given unearned or without recompense), I realized this is a perfect fit for who I am as a person.

Testimonials / Reviews

“Riley (GratuiTous) is a great instructor. I have a done 1 on 1 with him in the past regarding vocal mixing and a bit of mastering and he knows his stuff. If you are a beatmaker and have little to no experience with playing the piano and want to learn for production or just to learn to play the piano this course is for you! This course brought my music productions back to life” – AndrewPiano for Beatmakers Course

“this course allows you to actually spend more time understanding that sound, and allowing you to be more unique that ever before…. folks will not be able to jack you for your sound, because it only exists in your project!!!!!” – LinnonCreating Organic Beats in FL Studio

“I think presenter is very good, clear, knowledgeable and experienced. Note that this course really does primarily focus heavily on the concept of making a song using just one note but does also briefly cover some very helpful production techniques and workflow shortcuts in FL Studio as well as some general mixing and engineering tips. I particularly liked the “building the song” section. All in all a good course.” – IndyCreating Organic Beats in FL Studio

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