Why You Should Buy Your Music Production Software

Why You Should Buy Your Music Production Software

Since being in a digital era full of software created by talented developers, we’re all given a choice.

A choice to pay and support, or a choice to steal and see the negative spiraling effects of torrenting.

In this article, I want to discuss what happens when you torrent, and how it affects the future of the music industry, in our case.

To create the VSTs we all know and love like Serum, XLN Audio's Addictive Keys, plugins by FabFilter, and many others you can think of take time.

This time is not only dedicated to actually creating the product, but the planning and idea phase, debugging phase, and yes, actually writing the code to create that plugin. (Then there’s the marketing/sales part of the plugin, which is another story.)

Sure, some plugins are extremely expensive (like FabFilter), but their price is justified by probably being the best plugins to use in this industry in terms of workflow compared to others.

When you torrent, you take away monies from these companies which would enable more time on each of these development phases.

Yes, that means new possible features.

And do you know what? They may even treat you better as a customer like free updates if everyone were to purchase the first time. (Just saying..)

At the end of the day, because of torrenting, we as producers are missing out on new features, more time dedicated to the plugin to sift out a better workflow, and less bugs/glitches.

People’s excuse is, “But I don’t make any money from music, so why should I buy the tools?”.

Because stealing is stealing; there’s no way around this one.

You can’t justify this is in any regard.

It comes down to morals, and those torrenting these software developer’s amazing work are hindering the creativeness of this music industry.

You may think it’s not a big deal, but by you not paying for the plugins, the developer’s are not receiving their monies, and therefore not given as much time, as well as motivation, to continue to work on new features towards that old plugin, or a new plugin at all.

Now we as producers are stuck with programs like iLok and eLicensor, where if our computer breaks down with these plugins registered, it’s such a hassle to remove the license and get it re-issued.

I understand this is life, and I understand people will steal, but I want to let you know the cause and effect of your actions if you are torrenting.

And here’s the thing, I have experienced people torrenting from me first hand, and it kind of hurts.

(I used to run SoundPackFlyer.com, a premium sound kit website, and when I saw my products on torrent sites it made me realize the type of industry I am available to..)

This is the music industry where everyone has a major passion but the majority makes little money from their creations. (You can always start taking your music career more seriously..)

Just because your creations are making little money doesn’t give you the right to steal another’s creation and try to prosper off of it and think, “If I start making money, then I’ll buy these plugins.”

In our case, this isn’t an open source world. You have to pay to play.

Rant over.

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About The Author


GratuiTous is a Christian music producer striving to perfect his skills as a beatmaker, mixer, and mastering engineer. His articles strive to keep things simple, yet touch on the topic complex enough to have a decent understanding. He also releases FL Studio email series!

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  1. Nick

    This is anti-consumer garbage, premised on a multitude of false assumptions. Mostly though, it seems to be deflecting the blame for shady business practices (ILock etc) onto non-customers whilst punishing customers. DRM is a cancer in contemporary product design and people like you are supporting it. Please note, none of my software is pirated – I bought all of it legitimately.

    • GratuiTous

      Hey Nick, I totally understand where you are coming from – but have you ever been on the other side of the fence?

      From personally running a decently popular sound kit website a couple years back, it hurt to see my own products being torrented and available for ‘free download’.

      By no means am I telling people to splurge everything they got on every plugin they see in tutorials – On my blog, I continually suggest that people save their money and spend wisely with any gear/software they purchase, or that I recommend.

      But when you see many tutorialists have crazy amounts of plugins from high quality vendors (whether they’ve paid for them or not), it also suggests to new users in the industry that maybe they have to get them too to get ‘that sound’. (And the circle continues..)

      I don’t understand what you’re trying to argue about – It’s only because this is a digital realm of products where they can be stolen, and for the most part, hidden from the eyes of others. If this were retail where you had to purchase a physical item, torrenting does not exist..

      I am not in favor of iLok/eLicensor – I really don’t like them, nor the idea. (However, I do feel a digital license is totally fair.)

      I’m not really sure what you’re trying to get across with your comment, Nick..

      And what would be a remedy to what you are suggesting? – Donationware?

      Would you not agree that stealing is still stealing, though?


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