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The Benefits of Using Tab in FL Studio

Probably the quickest tutorial yet on Beatstruggles, but another quick helpful tip to make your workflow that much smoother. However, using TAB within FL Studio, can really be beneficial.

Watch the video above!

Using TAB in FL Studio,

Trying to find, and search through windows hidden behind each other can be quite annoying. So thankfully, there’s a button to search through each window, within the FL Studio window; that is TAB.

Give it a try, and browse through your windows. I personally find this very fast for my workflow going back and forth to the Step Sequencer, Playlist, and Mixer.

If you’re interested in increasing your workflow, I’d recommend checking out this link!

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2 Responses on “The Benefits of Using Tab in FL Studio”

  1. thanks for these tips!

    1. GratuiTous says:

      No problem Lizz! — Thanks for the comment!

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