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High Impact 2, Vol. 1’s Counter-Part, High Impact 2 is a great addition to any beatmaker’s catalog. I was very impressed and grateful to check out High Impact 2. High Impact 2 provides the beatmaker with some top-notch claps, real nice and clean drums, great organization to the kit, and just overall great variety throughout


Alright guys! Round 3! Beatstruggles has definitely come a long way since the beginning, but only because of hard work, working together well with others, and above all, being HONEST. In this video, I went from start to finish. Building the drum loop, showing the technique of layering (with the snare + kicks for extra


High Impact is a MUST-HAVE! High Impact has been a phenomenal addition to my sounds. I see myself using this kit for years to come, and is great to know that even if I don’t use it, I still have those deep kicks, airy claps, and perfectly touched reverbed snares around! (JUST IN CASE! ;)).


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