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My name is Riley Weller, but people around the audio industry know me as GratuiTous!

I am a recording artist and producer for the name of Jesus.

I've even worked with a GRAMMY Nominated artist throughout my career!

Goals of this Website

My goal for this website is to teach you audio production with transparency and different perspectives!

Teaching is a passion of mine in addition to creating good, quality music.

Below I have shared the best ways to follow my website, and get on board to making better beats.

free resources and music tools

Free Resource Page

My free resource page is a quick up-and-running guide which contains:

  • My Best How-to Guides
  • Favorite Products + Tools
  • Recommended Audio Books
  • Podcasts I Love!
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free resources and music tools

Best Way to Learn and Stay Updated

I've posted a lot of content on my website..

It can make you feel overwhelmed if you try to take it all in at once.

So what I've done is simple!

I've created a free music production course to guide you step-by-step.

Topics we talk about:

  • What Gear to Buy (and save money while doing it..)
  • Proper Mindset of a Producer
  • Production Fundamentals (from making the beat, to mixing and mastering)
  • Marketing and Releasing Your Music
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free resources and music tools

Premium FL Studio Music Courses

In addition to all my free content, I also have paid courses.

I have gone very in-depth in my courses showing step-by-step my own personal workflows and opinions.

I'm not one for basic courses.. I really like to share and teach unique concepts such as creating a full production out of a single recorded note like in Organic Beats !

For more info, you can visit my shop.

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free resources and music tools

You Have Questions? I Have a Survey

I'm all about my readers...

If it wasn't for you, there'd be no point to keep writing and creating videos!

I have created a 1 Question Survey to create content tailored just for you!

The question is simple, What would you like to learn better in your productions?

Ask me your question here:

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free resources and music tools

How Can You Repay Me?

Besides buying my premium music courses.. the best way to repay me is simply by leaving a comment on any of my write-ups !

This shows me that you're enjoying the content!

Also any social shares from you help me to rank better in Google!

You can also follow me on my social networks:

I'd just like to say thanks for visiting my site, and I sure hope my content gets you to the level of productions you're wanting to achieve.

Did you check out my free resource page yet?

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