When ever I see the name “Sounds In HD” I’m always expecting quality.  They always have loud crisp sounds.

This is Sounds in HD Vol. 3. The creators of the pack are “Sounds in HD” who teamed up with “TheProducersChoice” to create the“SOUND IN HD – COMPLETE BUNDLE”. If you buy the complete bundle, you end up saving a fair amount of money!

This kit is fully loaded supplying you with 50 of each sound in each folder.

The kicks in this kit are hit hard.  They are those super tight punchy kicks.  But when it comes to the tail length of the kick there is not much variation.  By that I mean most (not all) of these kicks are those hard, short, punchy, quick kicks, but don’t give you the flexibility to have that little extra bass behind them without layering. But they definitely make my sub woofer work for hard for its money!

Since the kicks did not have much variation in length, I tried to layer them over their High Impact kicks. Wow! They really bring a nice presence while layering with a longer tailed kick.  There are also a couple similar sounding kicks, but besides the little things, quality kicks!

The claps in this kit are very nice claps too, way above average!  Not much reverb on these claps to make it that epic “airy” hit, but the sounds allow you to create any kind of beat from that  gangsta music to some dance to pop. 

Sounds IN HD really has creativity behind their sound design. Hence their name “Sounds In HIGH DEFINITION”. Pull out that HDMI cord ;).

The snares are more of a “real” sounding snare kit.  I’m always looking for that epic snare hit crunch.  One that hits hard by itself without needing to layer, but even with layering these snares I find it hard to grab that feeling I’m looking for.  But many of the snares by themselves have that hard POP to them without having to EQ at all which is nice!

I was not very impressed with the percussion in this kit.  To many similar sounding sounds and a lot of bass in the percussion itself.  The sounds are good, just too similar.

When paying for a kit every sound matters, so when hearing a sound which is super similar it feels like getting ripped off.  The odd one is okay, but when it happens on a regular basis, just not fair!

Got some cool hats in this kit! It’s nice to keep it original. Could definitely use these as cool fillers in my percussion loops!  Definitely not your average hat that you would just put every step and rip them as fast as you can, but they are unique and could put a nice touch on your beats.


This kit is definitely solid, a lot of sounds with a lot of power, but not much variation in the sounds.  Layer these kicks over a longer tailed kick and you will be impressed!  Nice claps in this kit too, very unique and powerful if used right! I was unhappy with the percussion and snares cause of the similar sounds and the weaker snares.  Overall nice quality kit, but there were a lot of things I found myself picking apart while using the kit.