This is Sounds in HD Vol. 2. The creators of the pack are “Sounds in HD” who teamed up with “TheProducersChoice” to create the “SOUND IN HD – COMPLETE BUNDLE”. If you buy the complete bundle, you end up saving a fair amount of money!

In this kit you get an amazing amount of sounds with a total of 683! That blows away the average kit that you buy today. I’m going to go through each kit individually inside Sounds in HD Vol. 2.

This kit comes with 4 kits altogether:

Acoustic Drums

  • 21 Kicks
  • 25 Snare & Rim
  • 17 Percussion
  • 9 Rides
  • 25 Closed Hats
  • 11 Open Hats
  • 7 Crashes
  • 13 Toms

Lo Def

  • 30 Kicks
  • 20 Claps
  • 20 Snares
  • 20 Percussion
  • 20 Hats
  • 10 Crashes
  • 10 Toms


  • 70 Kicks!
  • 59 Claps!
  • 61 Snares!
  • 19 Snare Claps
  • 61 Percussion!
  • 40 Hats
  • 20 Crashes


  • 40 Kicks
  • 20 Snares
  • 15 Hats
  • 20 Various

Acoustic Drums

These kicks are fairly impressive.  Nothing to say WOW about, but they are quality and hit harder than other kicks I have.  They are more quick hits, not much variation in the lengths of the sound, but every kick is different, no duplicates here!

A couple of the snares are awesome!  Especially the first 2-3, then they start getting weak, very weak.  There are a handful of snares & rims that are really powerful and would stand out distinctly in beat.  I really dislike when the sound designer adds a real sounding snare, but there is no “crack” to it, it is just your average snare that sounds super super flat.

The percussion is very solid in this kit.  Lots of variety, clean sounds, and would definitely bring your beats to another level!   The rides are awesome, again, super clean sounds from the sound designers @ Sounds in HD.

The closed hats are not your average “rap” closed hat.  A lot of them almost sound like an open hat?  Not saying this is a bad thing, they are a unique sound and will definitely change up your style of beat making.  A more “real” feel to them.  The open hats are good too, original and powerful.

Crashes, these are definitely the crash I look for;  that loud crash at the beginning.  It would be nice to see more!  But the ones they have given in this kit are super quality!

For the toms, super unbelievably good quality.  Probably better than the ones in Acoustic Blends 2! They really captured that epic boom of the tom.  If you have the kit you’ll know what I’m saying when you play SHD2_AC_TOMS_001 ;).


I am actually very happy with this kit.  The sounds are super good quality, but the reason for the 4 is there are not enough one hit powerful snares/hits that give you a real nice crunch for your snare/clap hits etc.  Other than that, the kit is is awesome, just missing those distinct snare hits.  By layering etc. you could definitely get something, but it’s nice to just find that sound, click and drag and on to the next sound.

Lo Def

The majority of kicks are solid, definitely above average.  But.. there are definitely more than a handful of weak drums in this kit, the ones that do hit hard, they do hit pretty hard.

The claps are nice in this kit, original crunchy sounds, although just like the kicks, some are, some aren’t.   Definitely not feelin’ the snares, I know the kit is “Lo Def” but it sounds like they have a low pass filter on the snares and it just wrecks the sound.  One snare I was feelin’ in the kit was SHD2_LD_SNARES_019.  If you have the kit, listen and see what I’m saying!  A nice powerful poppy/crunchy snare.

Really feelin’ the percs!  Nice change up, good sounds, super unique.  I have used the Sounds in HD COLLECTION for the past couple months and it has a lot to offer, but at times I do feel it restricts me by not having a unique arsenal of sounds.  They are good sounds, quality sounds, but not very crunchy, not very powerful for the most part.  Many sounds are powerful, but those that aren’t outnumber those that are.

Hats are good, I heard one (only one) with some clicky/staticy background.  I am being picky and trying to find that perfection in the sound, so maybe you like the staticy sound!  I just wouldn’t feel good sending it off to an artist in stems and they hear that clicky static!  But the hats are super nice, super original.  Not a fan of duplicates, and no duplicates with these hats!

Crashes are super nice, awesome Sounds in HD!  And toms are decent, not as nice as their other kits, but they work!


I wasn’t feeling this kit too much, I feel it limits my style of creativity.  Some kicks hit hard, some don’t.. The snares are on the weak side, many claps are nice.  If you layer them right you will get crunch, that pop, what ever you are looking for, but it will take some trial and error between sounds.  Overall, there is a lot of uniqueness in this kit, but I just feel it limits me when time to produce a beat!


Put it this way, I think LITE is the wrong word!  Try creative or beast lol.  This kit brings a lot of potential to create lots of different styles of music.  I used nothing but SHD 2 LITE in the beat.  For instruments, Nexus 2.

I was really feelin’ the kicks.  Lots of variation from short quick kicks to those long boomy kicks.  Really nice kicks here, blow away the rest of the kicks I’ve heard in this Sounds in HD COLLECTION so far!

The claps in this are a good industry standard.  Lots of change up in the sounds, a couple snap sounds with that extra enngh.  Some cool SFX claps, some hard bassy claps, these claps are nice.  You could get away with these sounds in gangst rap beats, but may require some layering etc.  The claps are nice but still not that kit I’m looking for when it comes to those mean crunchy claps/snares.  Don’t get me wrong, these claps are nice, but I’m looking for that epic clap/snare.

Now some of these snare are what I’m talkin’ about!  If you have the kit, check out SHD2_PD_SNARES_004, SHD2_PD_SNARES_045, SHD2_PD_SNARES_048.  The snare start off super strong, but work these way into those weak acoustic hits where it sounds like the mic is 100 feet away, but after about 20 snares comes back into those epic, beefy snares that I’m talkin’ about!  The snares are pretty epic for the most part!

Snare claps are new for me haha.  Definitely some unique sounds, a little one weak side, but the last 2 are super nice.  Maybe through these reviews sound designers will get to know the sounds producers want and make more like SHD2_PD_SC_018/19!

The percussion in this kit is a bit unorganized.  By that I mean there are kicks in this folder!  Some of them hit harder than the ones in the kick folder!  The percs are pretty similar to each other, a lot of bongos, some weak clicky sounds, the odd one stands out.  I always look for original sounds to add into my beats and this percussion kit doesn’t help the original/creativeness.

The hats are super nice.  Real acoustic hat sounds.  Lots of variation/originality in the hats from longer opens to quick opens and closed hats.  This would add a lot of power to a beat just in a hat rhythm alone!

The crashes are what I am looking for with the creativeness for sure, but I feel that the cymbals are missing the epicness of the crash hit.  Almost like they toned down the volume at the hit and made the sound more even throughout.  But the creativeness is there for the cymbals!


I am very happy with SHD 2 LITE.  Another solid producer starter kit, giving you all sounds to work with to add into your beats from cymbals, hats, percussion, kicks, etc.  I guess the only thing that’s missing is toms.  I do find that once mixed, the kicks hit harder, but it is hard to make these kicks shine while in the middle of making the beat before the mixing stage.


Super original kit right here.  I think this kit was created for someone like me who is looking for super original sounds.  These are almost too original lol

The kicks hit hard, but all have their own unique sfx to them.  A lot the kits are pretty impressive, a really sharp hit to them.  Lower down in the folder there are some longer kicks which are nice to have that sustain of bass in your beats.  Bass is am amazing filler to beats!

I would never see me using these snares, maybe at the intro of a beat where things are a bit softer, then when things start going, layer it with a clearer/beefy snare?  The sounds are original but I guess to original.  Keep in mind this is a unique “synthesized” kit so there are a lot of tweaks to the sounds, which is good cause it allows producers to let the creativity flow!

Hats once again, super original.  Sounds from Sounds in HD are always loud and clear!


The reason I rated this so high is cause it’s probably my most unique kit.  There are not tons of sounds in it, and not much variation like a producer starter kit kinda idea, but being included with this Sounds in HD COLLECTION it’s definitely a nice touch to the package!


Overall with the whole Sounds in HD Vol. 2 I would give it 4 stars because:

  1. The amount of sounds you get!
  2. They are loud and clear, a lot of them hit very hard
  3. There is a lot of originality in these 4 kits inside Sounds in HD Vol. 2

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