This is Sounds in HD Vol. 1. The creators of the pack are “Sounds in HD” who teamed up with “TheProducersChoice” to create the “SOUND IN HD – COMPLETE BUNDLE”. If you buy the complete bundle, you end up saving a fair amount of money!


This kit right here is the whole reason I bought the complete collection.  How be it, I feel this was the only all round powerful kit in the collection.

The kicks in this kit are awesome.  Real powerful and distinct sounds.  The kick alone in this kit can make a beat by itself!  As I said, this kit right here is the reason I bought the collection, but the rest don’t meet up to Sounds in HD Vol. 1’s standard.  The only thing missing from the kit is a few 808’s to have total all-round kicks.

The claps are nice, lots of originality and presence in the hits.  Hats are pretty average.  The cymbals are a bit similar but still quality.

The percs are way above average when comparing to other kits, but still not what I look for in percs.  I like really distinct percs that are noticeable and bring a lot of presence and power to the table.  These percs are loud and clear, but I still haven’t found my perc kit that I am happy with yet.

The snares in this kit are nothing special.  They all do not sound the same, but are not super powerful and distinct.  By that I mean it would be hard to get the snare to stand out by itself in a crowded beat.


I am extremely happy with the quality of the kit.  Especially comparing it to the rest of the collection!  The kicks hit very hard, the percs are good, the snares.. meh.., a lot of the claps are pretty powerful.  For the price of this kit, it is a super good deal

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