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Besides my free FL Studio course..

I have combined an awesome resource page of my favorite tools, and how-to guides.

I only recommend and share products/tips I personally would use myself. That's the whole point of my blog.

Teaching is a passion of mine - below you will find valuable resources to the topics you are after.

I do keep these updated with the newest trends and products that I use and recommend.

I hope you enjoy these!

They should make your process to learn much faster.

Gear and Plugins:

These how-to guides are arranged in order. So just start where you feel you could learn more.

They are some of my most popular, and in my opinon, my best write-ups available.

I want you to learn the basics of this music industry, so in each how-to guide, I really went in-depth to cover these topics.

Recommended Audio Books

I haven't read a crazy amount of audio books..

Most of what I've learned has been through a lot of online reading.

There are however a few books which I do recommend which have helped me:

Favorite Podcasts

Currently I've only been listening to one podcast.

That is Ian Shepherd's The Mastering Show.

There's great content in this podcast, allowing you to keep up to date on changing standards.

Free Music Course

Remember, I hold a free FL Studio music course through my blog.

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