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Organized Audio Business


Organized Audio Business is my journey through this audio industry so far.

With over 5 years in the industry, working with a GRAMMY nominated artist, as well as owning and operating the popular sound kit website, I share my trial and errors to maintaining an organized environment in the back-end of the business.

This course is quite different than my usual courses; it's an Ebook guided course!

You start by reading the 45 page Ebook until it tells you to STOP and watch the next video.

I thought the process of a course like this would be really cool to take. The video first breaks down the idea, and then the Ebook goes into more detail on that subject.

Would you like a taste test of the Ebook? Here’s a free download.
Organized Audio Business Ebook Teaser

Course Contents + Structure

This course contains 5 videos:

  • Introduction
  • Why Get a Newsletter Pt. 1
  • Why Get a Newsletter Pt. 2
  • A Specific Music Folder
  • Spreadsheets

This course will show you my trials and errors I have discovered while preparing my production for release to the public. You will also learn about money management skills, seeing exactly where your business is at any given time.

I will also show you how powerful an email newsletter has been for my business – I have had over 5,000+ subscribers to my list. I have not only built amazing relationships with these people, but they have been returning customers and students. You get to see why and how a newsletter is effective.


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