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Organic Beats


Organic Beats is a very unique music course.

We record a full composition from a single note, which we record together! The end result of the beat turned out amazing. [Watch the promo video below!]. Yes, that beat was all from the single note which we record together.

This course was inspired from my personal experience by applying these techniques on my FREE BEATS By GratuiTous Vol. 6. I loved the results, and would love to share this knowledge with you in this course.

See below for a course overview! This is my highest quality course yet!

Course Overview

This course contains:
Two videos were added April 25, 2017! – There are now 26 videos!

  • 26 Videos Total
  • 1.5 Hours of Video Content [60 FPS Full HD Quality]
  • 7 Different Sections
  • A Music Resource Folder with Extra Goodies
Course Process:

We start this course off by actually recording a piano and guitar note together!

We move into editing this note, showing my personal preferences to achieve the best quality in your recording.

I then show how to sculpt and mold this sound for optimal use! When playing by itself, the note isn’t too usable, but after applying the techniques shown in Section 4 ‘Sculpting Our Sound’, this sound becomes a deeply emotional element.

We then get into building our beat, all while you are shown how to mold, shape, and carve space for each new instrument we create.

You even learn complex mixer routing, which is beautifully labelled, and gives an amazing workflow!

I’ve also included a bonus video getting you started arranging your song for that professional sound. [Arrangement is just as much a factor as the actual composition!]


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