Foundational Drum Loop Basics


Here's a video where I share topics from this course:

This course reveals what goes into a powerful drum loop to keep your listener engaged.

Drum loops are the foundation of your song, so it's fundamental to get your drum loop sounding right.

Also included in this course is a quick e-book further discussing a topic I call Safe Spots. These are areas in your drum loop which sound great and keep your loop in musical time.

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This is a course teaser. Enjoy!

Course Contents + Structure

There are 5 videos and 1 Ebook included in this course.

  • Slideshow
  • Example Drum Loop
  • Urban Loop
  • Tempo
  • Dance Loop


We first discuss different aspects of your drum loop with a slideshow. I’m sure you will learn a lot, stretching the boundaries of what you currently know about music production.

Example Drum Loop

Next, we go over an example drum loop. We later create our own loop from scratch, which you see step-by-step, but in this example drum loop video, you see exactly the techniques I’ve used beforehand. This allows the knowledge to sink in prior before we create our own loop.

Urban Loop

In the Urban Loop, this is where we create our loop from scratch. You get to see powerful techniques such as velocity, panning, layering, and sound placement. Sound placement alone is a technique which takes years to get a comfortable feel for. But with my safe spots methodology, you will quickly catch on which makes your beatmaking process much more enjoyable and exciting!


The tempo video shows you a cool technique which a lot of producers do when it comes to tempo.

Dance Loop

And finally, in the Dance Loop video we create another drum loop from scratch, but this time with a dance feel to our drum loop. This way you can see what goes into both an urban drum loop as well as a dance drum loop.

By the end of this course, it should shape your drum loops to the next level. If you’re newer to production, I swear! This will open your eyes to the techniques available to you while making your beats.

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