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All About Filters


Being music creators, we actually influence our listener's emotions. Filters are just one of these tools to achieve that!

This course starts at the basics of what is a filter, then shows you how to actually use a filter in real-world practice allowing for those high intensity climax moments!

Then as a bonus, I've also included a 16 page Ebook covering song arrangment, which I like to call painting an audio picture for your listener.

Course Contents

In this course, you’ll receive:

  • 1 Hour Long Video
  • 16 Page Ebook

Real-world, “Actual Process” Shown

Viewers love this course because of my actual real-world process showing how producers actually use filters.

Here’s a quick run-down of the course process:

  • A quick introduction to what a filter is
  • A pre-made beat is presented which lacks arrangement and excitement
  • We start at the intro, and work our way to the finish.
  • We spice up the beat by applying filters with automation, molding powerful transitions, and even create a SFX riser!

Amazing Feedback while on YouTube

Previously, I had this course released on YouTube. The feedback I received was amazing. Here’s some testimonials!

YouTube Stats
Notice views + likes to dislikes! (Photo taken May 25, 2015)
Product Feedback
Product Feedback

Viewers loved this course not just for learning about filters, but seeing my workflow and shortcuts. I tend to explain what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, and HOW I’m doing it.

Product Feedback
Product Feedback
Product Feedback

This course will show you not only about filters, but other techniques too like my quick workflow, automation, and best practices!


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