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A Specific Music Production Folder


Through my years of creating and releasing public productions, I've finally molded a folder structure I rely on day-to-day.

In my early days I was left with a lot of missing files because of poor labeling. This becomes extremely apparent when you transfer files over to a newly purchased computer.

This EBook + Video is actually taken from my audio business course Organized Audio Business.

My folder structure has been very useful to me, so I made this part of the course available to you.

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Course Contents

Included in this course:

  • 17 Minute Video
  • 7 Page EBook
  • Music Folder Template to get you going!

What’s all Covered in the Video + Ebook?

The video shows you how to store your productions for long-term use.

If you’ve ever received an error message for missing files, you do not take proper labeling, folder structure, or backing up lightly. It’s serious stuff depending how serious you take your music.

By taking the approach suggested in this course, your productions will be safe if you ever need to recall them in the future, and it will be your central folder for anything music production based.

Be aware though, this course may give you some headaches while rearranging your folder structure with missing files etc. But from the day you make the change on-ward, you’ll have a solid folder structure to work with.

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