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Piano for Beatmakers – #004 – Octaves are the Best Way to Start

Piano for Beatmakers – #004 – Octaves are the Best Way to Start

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Moving along to lesson number four in our Piano for Beatmakers email series.

This time we’re covering octaves, and it’s a fundamental.

If you and I were standing by a piano and I was to ask you:

“When you look at a piano, do you understand why there are so many notes?”.

Would you know the answer?

This is a really easy concept to understand, but if you’ve never been exposed to it, then let’s get you up to speed.

When you look at a piano (and most instruments), there are only 12 notes:

C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, B

And what happens is these 12 notes repeat over and over, whether they be up higher or lower.

For example:

If you play an A and it’s at 440Hz (A4), and then play an A an octave higher, it will be 880Hz (A5). It’s doubled in frequency from A4 and would be a higher pitch.

And if we play an A that is lower, it’d be 220Hz (A3). It’s half the frequency of A4 and would be a lower pitch.

Now like I said, octaves are an easy concept to understand, but here’s the thing that’s confusing..

You can’t just pick and choose certain notes to play.

You have to pick a key and scale – this will tell you what notes and chords you’re allowed to play! (That will be an eye-opener for you when we get there.)

With all these piano tips for beatmakers, that’s the one you do not want to miss.

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GratuiTous is a Christian music producer striving to perfect his skills as a beatmaker, mixer, and mastering engineer. His articles strive to keep things simple, yet touch on the topic complex enough to have a decent understanding. He also releases FL Studio email series!

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