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Courses I’ve Released

100% FREE Music Production Courses

Essential Gear Needed to Make Beats

Find the Right Gear that Suits You and Your Production Workflow! (Purchase High Quality Gear, Save Money, too!)

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Piano for Beatmakers

Play the Piano as a Beatmaker (Improvisation, Chords, Playing with Two Hands.)

Advanced Music Production Secrets

Discover the Tricks of the Trade I’ve discovered over my years.

FL Studio Mixer Workflow

Understand the complexities of the mixer. (Audio Signal Routing, Parallel Processing, Organization, Beautiful Color-Coding.)

Foundational Drum Loop Basics

Create powerful drum loops by learning my coined term: Safe Spots.  (Learn the fundamentals of creating effective drum loops without plugins.)

Sample Your Own Music

Sampling has a very unique sound.  But, sampling other’s music can bring unwanted copyright infringement. So, learn to sample your own music!

Organic Beats

We record a single guitar note together, and I show you how to create a full composition out of the single guitar note. (My most popular course!)


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Free Course to Save You Money on Audio Gear

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