Just today Udemy accepted my fourth course for them.

This time around, the course focuses on FL Studio’s Mixer.


It’s important to know and understand the mixer in-depth if you want to advance as a producer.

Some of my most creative sounds have been found by routing my audio around the mixer with complexity.

Here’s a little excerpt from the course:

The mixer is a daunting tool for new producers just getting started in music production.

So that’s my goal with this course – to break down the mixer in an easy-to-understand course.

We start with the basics by comparing a real hardware mixer to FL Studio’s digital mixer and eventually work our way up to subgroups and complex routing with sends.

A funny thing I’ll mention is when I first started mixing I typically liked my unmixed version better than my mixed version lol.

If you’re just starting, too, then I’m sure you’ve experienced this.

Mixing is something that will only come with time.

This course will build a solid understanding of the mixer and you’ll be able to route your audio around with complexity.

If you want to check out the course, there’s free preview videos available on the Udemy course page:

Hope this one is an invaluable tool to you,

# GratuiTous