My Gear

Here is a list of my current gear. (I hope my videos and music continue to help you!)

P.S. – I have left the comments open below. The links below are affiliate links to Amazon. If you purchase, I will receive a commission! – Thank-you for your support in advance!

Music Production Hardware
Music Program FL Studio 12 Signature Edition
MIDI Keyboard M-Audio Axiom 49 (2nd Generation)
Speakers Yahmaha HS80M (Link is Newer Model)
Audio Interface Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 [2nd Generation]
Headphones [Open Back] Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro [250 Ohm Version]
Headphones [Closed Back] Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro [80 Ohm Version]
Favorite Mic (Dynamic) Shure SM7B
Condenser Mic 1 Blue Bluebird
Condenser Mic 2 Audio Technica 2035
Dynamic Mic 2 Shure SM58
Mixer Mackie PROFX4v2
Subwoofer M-Audio SBX10 (No longer for sale – Yamaha HS8 Sub linked instead.)
Mic Stand On Stage Mic Stand
Speaker Stand On Stage Speaker Stands
Vlog Setup
Camera Canon M6 (Mirrorless Camera)
Microphone Zoom H4N
Tripod Joby GorillaPod Focus
Flatbar (Camera + Mic mount) NEEWER® Flashgun Flash Bracket
Memory Card Lexar Professional 1000x 32GB
Hot Shoe Hot Shoe Adapter
Coiled Cable Rode SC2
The next section is my custom music production computer.
Read: Building a Custom Music Production Computer
Current Computer
Processor Intel 7th Gen Core i7-7700K
Motherboard ASUS PRIME Z270-A LGA1151
Video Card ASUS Radeon 2GB OC Edition GDDR5
RAM CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4
SSD Samsung 960 EVO 250GB PCIe M.2
Power Suppy EVGA SUPERNOVA 550 G2 80 GOLD 550W
CPU Heatsink be quiet! PURE ROCK CPU Cooler – 150W TDP
Computer Case Fractal Design Define R5 ATX White
Storage Hard Drive WD Blue 2TB Desktop Hard Disk Drive


  1. Randy

    Great to see you are still using the M-Audio SBX10, i was so sad to read that it isn’t being sold anymore.

    • GratuiTous

      Ya, it’s still being used to date! lol

      The Yamaha HS8S I think would be a similar comparison.. haven’t tried, though!

  2. Joe

    Hi. I’ve just started making beats on my laptop and I was just wondering if you had any advice on best headphones to use.
    Your emails are great by the way, great information.

    • GratuiTous

      Hey Joe!

      Thanks man, glad to hear the emails have been helpful!

      For headphones, I honestly haven’t tried tons. I’m currently using the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pros and they have been pretty good to me!

  3. Robert C Martinez

    Your midi keyboard the m audio axiom 49…
    Is it like the Mackie control Universal where u move the faders on ur hardware and it moves on ur DAW.. (FL studios 12.4)????

    • GratuiTous

      Hey Robert!

      The M-Audio Axiom 49’s faders are not motorized – this is a big thing to watch out for if you want that real mixing console feel.

      Because the faders are manual, they don’t really allow you to mix with the sliders because if you go from one bank of faders (let’s say tracks 1-8) and adjust the levels, then go to the next bank (now 9-16), the digital faders may now be at different places than what’s actually on the Axiom 49 keyboard!

      Some tools that are available for this are the Mackie Control Universal, or the Behringer BCF2000 !


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