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Welcome to part 2 of Making a Website for Beatmakers.

In this video, Beatstruggles shows how to sign up with a webhosting company. Webhosting is a must to get your website going. There are a lot of companies out there offering hosting, some good, some not so good!

Having close to 100% up time (your website is working all the time) is something really to look for. After that, is speed/performance. Sometimes you have to bop around a bit to find a host that suites you, however, HostGator did great for me, and their reviews are pretty good as well.

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Now, I like to purchase my domains through GoDaddy, this is obviously just to save money. You can always search Google for the newest GoDaddy coupons, or to save time, simply save below:

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Restrictions – Must be your first purchase with GoDaddy

Part two was a walk-through on how to purchase your Web Hosting.

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