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Hey everyone!

Welcome to the series of Making a Website for Beatmakers. I’ve created a ten part series going over everything you need to get started making a website!

In this digital age, a website is really a must to pursue a career such as music. So follow through each video, and click at the bottom of each page to go to the next, or previous video :).

Part. 1 Go Over

In part. 1, I introduced what hosting is, what a domain is, and some things to think about and download, while getting started up.

To follow me on this tutorial, you will need the following:

  • A Text Editor (Notepad++)
  • A FTP Client (Filezilla)

A Text Editor

The text editor I recommend, which is free, is called Notepad++ — It is what I use personally, and works great. See the link below, and watch this video to learn how to install it (Also please subscribe to TeachMeComputer’s YouTube Channel for the video on setting up Notepad++ please :)):

Filezilla — An FTP Client

Filezilla simply allows you to upload files to your server quickly, and easily. And again, yes it’s free! (Open source software is awesome isn’t it!?). Download below:

Website Hosting,

A website runs off of a computer. A website can easily run off of your own computer, but as mentioned in the video, there are security risks in doing that, plus, your internet speed probably isn’t as fast as hosting providers offer, and having your computer on 24/7 isn’t always possible. This is why you get professional hosting from companies such as

If you decide to go with HostGator for your hosting, use the coupon beatstruggles to save 25% off!

25% OFF HostGator Hosting Through Beatstruggles,

Get 25% OFF Your Hosting at HostGator, using the Coupon:

A Domain,

A domain is simple. It’s your — You might have to take some time out to think about this one, as it’s going to be your brand, and what you’ll tell people in person to visit your website. Keep it simple, and try to make the name relate to your content!

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2 Responses on “Making a Website for Beatmakers – Part 1 of 10”

  1. Ras Guandi says:

    Great series so far. I did not build my site using wordpress . I built a site that beat makers can come to and showcase what they have created. You are so right. If you are in the music business it is important to get a website so you can be seen and heard. Great post and great tutorial.

    1. GratuiTous says:

      Hey thanks Ras,

      What did you use to make your website?

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