Finally Hear Your Basslines,

This sub is huge. Like honestly, it’s the same size as a 10″ sub you would put in a car, but in your studio, plus the cabinet adds even larger dimensions to it. And because of it’s size, this sub sure does pound!

For a starter producer, it is expensive, but comparing to the higher end subwoofers you can buy, this is still 1/4 of the price the professional subs are going for!

In my experience, I feel investing into a subwoofer is worth it so that one can hear what is actually going on in the low-end of their track.

What Kind of Features Does it Have?

SBX10 Pedal

My favorite features of the SBX10 is the foot pedal! Is it too bassy at night time? Simply push down the pedal, leave your speakers on, and keep everyone happy!

The Connections are Great Too!

They have given tons of flexibilty for your set up when it comes to connections. You choose, TRS, XLR, or RCA! (And as you see in the picture, it has an input for your foot pedal).

SBX10 Back

Also on the back is a volume knob for loudness, and a crossover feature to determine where your low-end will meet you mids. It’s very easy to adjust, and is very important to allow for proper mixing! Also provided is a phase switch if your bass is canceled out where you have the sub positioned.

Hear Your LOWS!

As mentioned, without a sub, I found it really hard to mix and knowing “where my low-end was in my tracks”. Reference Monitor Speakers get the high’s and mids, and a bit of the lows, but this SBX 10 really completes and assists in the mixing process.

I bought mine from my local store Wentworth Music. Surprisingly, I got a cheaper price then I saw online! So I’d highly recommend checking out your local store first to compare prices before buying. Plus, no shipping and handling!

How Do I Set Up a Subwoofer?

To use this sub, you are going to need 4 TRS 1/4″ cables, XLR cables, or you can use RCA cables. Personally, I would recommend TRS 1/4″ cables as they seem the most universal with reference monitor speaker connections. If you weren’t using a sub, you would just need 2 cables. Just from your audio interface to your speakers.

Also, here’s a video about the connections, as this is something I struggled with in my early years of audio production!

Final Thoughts on the M-Audio SBX10,

SBX10 Pedal 2

The sub has been great. Not one complaint, bug, glitch, or annoyance. It took a bit of time to figure out how to make the sub suite the set up/speakers I was using, but that was just because of inexperience, not the product itself.

There’s also one thing I’ve noticed that doesn’t get in the way at all.

When ever I move my sub around, which isn’t often, I find the cone feet sometimes become a bit loose. This must just be from the sub hitting so hard when making beats / mixing etc. I haven’t had them yet fall off, but when I move it, I check to make sure they are tight, and they always come a bit loose! But that is a very minor con of the product.

Overall, it’s been a great product, not extremely expensive when comparing to professional products, and allows me to hear the low-end. I highly recommend it.

Comparing to KRK’s subwoofer, the SBX10 has RCA connections, plus it has a foot pedal! That’s two extra features that are quite nice to have for the “just in case” times!

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GratuiTous is a Christian music producer striving to perfect his skills as a beatmaker, mixer, and mastering engineer. His articles strive to keep things simple, yet touch on the topic complex enough to have a decent understanding. He also releases FL Studio email series!

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