M-Audio’s Bx5a Deluxe Speakers REVIEW

M-Audio’s Bx5a Deluxe Speakers REVIEW

An Affordable Speaker with Translation, but not Much Bass

These were a solid speaker for about the 3-4 years that I owned them. I’ve used these speakers to produce three of my albums, and two of my FREE BEATS By GratuiTous Beat CDs.

What Do You Mean.. Not Much Bass?

When first getting into beat making, opening up the box, and plugging in the speakers, I was actually quite disappointed in the bass that these speakers put out.

For the size they are, it didn’t make sense how much bass the speakers produced. This eventually lead me to purchase a subwoofer, so I could actually hear the low-end of my tracks!

My recommendation to you is that you get at least an eight inch speaker if you produce bass heavy music such as rap beats, trap, electro, dance etc.

Amazing Translation,

The speakers them self translate superb for the price. Any other speakers I would listen to my beats on, sounded exactly how I mixed it. This is important!

M-Audio Bx5a Deluxe Connections + Pics,

Bx5a Deluxe Front

The speaker itself looks very appealing, and made just a simple studio look even more professional. With just a MIDI keyboard, and the two speakers on each side of a computer monitor, having these speakers may get you some clients! 😉

Bx5a Deluxe Back
The connections were quite confusing for me in the beginnings. You will want either TRS 1/4″ cables, or XLR cables. One for each speaker, as they do not come with audio cables! (You can also plug-in RCA cables on some reference monitor speakers).

Now, reference monitor speakers are different than your average computer speaker because monitors do not emphasis audio to make it sound better; this is very important for mixing. The term is called “Flat Response“. You hear the sound as it is, nothing added.

Last Conclusion Thoughts,

The Bx5a Deluxe speakers did me great while I owned them. However, I did not like how they were really light on the bass. So if you’re just starting up and looking for your first pair of reference monitor speakers, I’d check out an eight inch speaker.

However, they are a great learning monitor that helped me understand about EQ and what compression does, how to pick apart your music, what to listen for, and how to make it sound cleaner and strive towards professionalism.

I also purchased these online from www.kellysmusic.ca. Their customer service support was exceptional.

Final Thoughts,

Remember, keep in mind what “type” of music you create. This will determine what kind and size of speaker to buy.

Yes, the 5 inch speaker is more affordable, but a 5 inch speaker + a sub is more expensive than two 8 inch speakers.

It might be a bit more expensive, but you want to be able to hear your bass otherwise you’re not going to have much control over it!

Helpful Videos for Starters,

How To Connect a SBX 10 Sub into Bx5a Deluxe Speakers

I’ve created a video to show you how to connect a sub with monitors, plus the audio interface. It can be confusing stuff!

Check out my review on the SBX10 subwoofer.

Home-made Speaker Stands

Also, here’s some speaker stands I created for my Bx5a’s back in the day to give my speakers some lift so that the tweeters could be at ear height.

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GratuiTous is a Christian music producer striving to perfect his skills as a beatmaker, mixer, and mastering engineer. His articles strive to keep things simple, yet touch on the topic complex enough to have a decent understanding. He also releases FL Studio email series!

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  1. Renault Hess

    Hi, can you recommend a subwoofer that works well with this monitors? I just ordered a set.


    • GratuiTous

      Hey Renault,

      I use the M-Audio SBX10 myself! – It’s decent for the price, and has a cool foot pedal to turn off the sub if you want to hear your mix without all the bass!


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