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Are You Feeling Your Drum Loops Are Being BLAND?

When you have dry drum samples, and while using FL Studio’s step sequencer, bland and robotic drum loops happen easily!

There’s a few ways you can overcome this such as using velocity, layering, or using different samples from time-to-time throughout your track.

However, there’s an effect like no other to not only spice up your drum loop, but also give it a real unique twist. A twist that MPC users are always seeking while creating their drum loops. This effect/tool is called Swing.

The Swoon Kit is GREAT for these loose drum loops out of the box!

Introducing Swing into your Beats

If you want to read some info about swing, check out these links:

Swing in FL Studio

Adding swing inside FL studio is quite easy. It’s just at the top of the step sequencer! As I mentioned, I don’t use swing on every beat, but increasing the amount may bring you some interesting results!

One thing to mention while using swing in FL Studio, is that even though your one hit samples on the sequencer are listening to how much swing you adjust, the sounds/instruments you bring into the piano roll are not..

You can tell by placing notes on your step sequencer, increasing the swing, right clicking on the sound, and bringing them into the piano roll. You can see how the notes are moved not in perfect timing.

Now, if you play an instrument with your MIDI keyboard and record it, it will give you perfectly in time notes.. if you quantized it. So as you can see, your piano roll notes are not listening to the amount of swing you have adjusted. For me, this has not brought weird results, but would be a cool addition to add swing to your instruments as well!

If we get enough comments, maybe we can get image-line to add swing to the piano roll!

Image-Line has now added this into FL Studio 12!

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2 Responses on “Looser Drum Loops – Using Swing in FL Studio”

  1. K.E. says:

    I’ve used “groove templates” in the past that I made myself. They were perfect, but you’re right, using them was a hassle. Looking back at it now though, it helped me understand swing on a universal level. All it does is shift each 2nd note forward by X of ticks. I use the MPC Studio & FL Studio. Sometimes as a plugin in FL. But I can’t go back to just FL…

    1. GratuiTous says:

      I think it moves the 4th note as well as the 2nd!

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