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1-on-1 Personal Skype Lesson with GratuiTous
You and GratuiTous will have a one hour lesson. You can see GratuiTous’ screen and hear his audio, so feel free to discuss production topics of your choice!

Lessons are $30 CAD/hour
Lesson Process/Payment FAQs
  • Email GratuiTous with any questions/set up a time.
  • Payment is required prior to your lesson. (Payments are made through PayPal.)
  • Follow-up emails to confirm your date, time, and Skype username will be confirmed prior to yor lesson!
If you need to cancel, please provide GratuiTous 24 hours notice!
Prepare Ahead of Time
Prepare questions prior! Imagine forgetting a question mid-way through your lesson; that wouldn't be fun would it? Lets make for an amazing jam-packed lesson!

Want feedback on your track?
Please send all content prior to your lesson such as the .MP3 or stems to your song if you'd like to go over your track!
How to Book a Time Slot?
GratuiTous' time zone is Pacific Time Zone (PT) - Which is currently:

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