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It’s official, InstraVocals Vol. 1 is released!

The idea behind InstraVocals was to take vocal recordings from my previous albums, chop up the vocals, and create new verses and sayings from the chops.


InstraVocals Vol. 1 turned out real cool. I’ve received positive feedback from the first song on the album, Father Have Your Way. (The soundcloud audio player below).

It’s crazy, you wouldn’t even recognize the original songs, unless you were provided with the album description .PDF (below), explaining what vocals were taken from which songs.

Track Count

InstraVocals Vol. 1 contains 6 songs which are flipped almost recognizably from the original songs.

The total time of the album is: 25 mins, 15 seconds

Favorite Tracks

  • Father Have Your Way
  • Get’chur Heart Right

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2 Responses on “InstraVocals Vol. 1”

  1. Serah says:

    Love your site, love your music, so much talent, so much skill.. So much win!

    Keep up the Great work Riley, wishing you all the very Best & much, much, More.

    God Bless & Stay Fresh.

    1. GratuiTous says:

      Thanks so much for all your support so far Serah! — Enjoy InstraVocals Vol. 1!

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