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In this write-up, we’re going to be looking at cable management in the home studio!

Over the years of creating music, I’ve come across a few ways to wrap up my cables for that clean minimal look and feel.

In this video, I show you three different types of cables (XLR, TRS, Headphone Extension) and how I wrap them three different ways.

XLR: – I actually stole this trick from being an electrician ๐Ÿ˜‰ – This is what we do to wrap up our cables, and allow us to have a hook for easy storage in the work van. (You can also only unravel what you want for the task, rather than unraveling the whole cable!)

TRS 1/4″: – Like I said in the video, this isn’t even a trick haha. I just thought since I was showing the other cables, this is the way how I store these types of cables in my Tupperware containers. (Just wrap them into a nice loop over and over, and place them gently into the container.)

Headphone Extension: – This is the cable that inspired this video! I got really annoyed at running over the cable with my computer chair wheels lol – So I eventually came up with this solution; making a bunch of loops, and wrapping them with the looped end of the cable, but leaving a little loop to insert the cord ends into, which keep the loops contained.

For more info, just watch the video above! Hope it helps!

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