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If you’re wanting to learn music production, you’ve landed on a good page.

I’ve created a FREE COURSE going over various production topics!

Before you sign-up, let me tell you this.

I do not like following the current trends.

I’m all about being yourself, and creating what I think sounds good.

It’s the only way to have a long-lasting name in this industry.

This is because people like you for you.

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Who is GratuiTous?

So I’m GratuiTous! My real name is Riley Weller.

I’ve been producing since 2010, and in that time, I’ve worked with a GRAMMY Nominated artist!

I previously ran the popular production blog, and operated a premium sound kit website called!

I have learnt a tremendous amount in regards to production, as well as the business side of the music industry.

In this free course, I want to help you be aware of tricks of the trade which will save you vast amounts of time.

Sign-up Process

All you have to do is enter your email, and I send you emails on a weekly basis!

You have to remember, the music industry is a business.

People get all caught up in the hype of creating beats and sharing it with friends.

They may make a sale or two, and start to get all cocky and confident.

Trust me, I will break this down as if we went out for lunch 1-on-1.

You can sign-up below:

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