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Back with another volume of FREE BEATS By GratuiTous !

After Volume 1 receiving 500+ downloads quickly after release, it gave me the motivation to release Volume 2!


The first few tracks on Volume 2 promptly set the listener’s pace of the release. Starting with a strong intro from Her Look Devours, working their way into an emotional roller coaster with Your Mercy Reigns Like Fire.

Track Count

Volume 2 contains 11 tracks, with the addition of a bonus remix of the song, There’s No Turning Back. The song is originally from GratuiTous’ first album release, We’ve Only Just Met.

The total time of the beat tape is: 43 mins, 32 seconds

Favorite Tracks?

  • Her Look Devours
  • Forgiveness From the Heart
  • Your Mercy Reigns Like Fire
  • Say What You Gotta Say
  • Don’t Care What You Say, I Speak Truth
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