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Sound Selection Does Matter to An Extent,

The sounds you choose in a beat will definitely has an impact on how your beat is going to sound, mix wise, and catchy wise.

While making my beats, I tend to think about high frequency sounds, and low frequency sounds. If I start to use too many high frequency sounds, I start to lower down the octave a bit, or know that I will be able to EQ and make it clear.

Also something to mention is the VST you are using. Most third party VSTs are great, such as Nexus 2, Sylenth 1, or Massive. These will right out of the box allow you to create songs comparable to commercial hits.

Don’t Let Sound Selection Wreck Your Creativity,

Sound selection can easily over power your creative process if you’re not careful. You’ll be constantly thinking about the sound you are choosing, rather than the catchy instrument, or even if it suites the song.

It’s definitely something to keep in mind, but, your instrument can always be changed later on throughout your track to keep you focused on your beatmaking flow.

My Sounds Keep Clashing in High Frequencies,

Too many high frequency sounds, is something I talked about in the video.

Personally, I find the high-end frequency sound is usually the sound that takes the song, as in, the catchiest part, or has the most impact to the song. — This could just be my workflow, and how I set up for it.

But, yes, there are ways around getting lots of high frequency sounds into your track. Simply use a low-pass filter on an EQ, or watch Creating Separation in Your Sounds !

Sound Selection — An Important Thought, But Not TOO Important,

Again, your sound selection matters.

It allows for clear mixes, with minimal frequency clashing. It also allows for a full-sounding track, if you’ve balanced out your instruments into different octaves, allowing for the low, mid, and highs to be touched.

However, focusing on sound selection too much can easily distract you from achieving good results.

Keep it in mind, play around with octaves, try that low, and high-pass filter on your EQ, and if all else fails, change the sound.

But don’t blame the poor sounding beat on poor sounds, if the composition loops are weak ๐Ÿ˜‰

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1 Response on “Does Sound Selection Matter in Beats”

  1. Nick says:

    Nowadays in commercial hip hop songs ONLY sounds matters.
    There are no awesome melodies in trap or nicki minaj beats. Its just 2-3 notes.
    Melodies are for classic music or may be for rock ballads but pop and hip hop music is only sound selection. Yes sometimes rnb songs have good melodies and chord progressions, but real musicial can say that these progressions are too easy. But overall song sounds good why? Because of sound selection. Rich rnb artists can record REAL rhodes piano, thats why is sounds great. But there are more and more tracks that use only good synth sounds.
    Drums are too… sound selections matters.
    Lets say you have 1 high quallity kick and snare pair. But together it sounds bad, i mean there are no groove.
    But you can change the snare 1 time, then change it again and again and lets say you check 50 other snares and it doesnt sound well and then BAAAAM!! your 51th snare just sound good and your drum loop starts to groove very good.
    Why it happens? I don’t know.
    So ALL EDM music and hip hop is choosing sounds, layering sounds, choosing sounds, layering sounds, choosing sounds, layering sounds, choosing sounds, layering sounds etc etc ๐Ÿ™‚
    And simple melodies 2-3 notes and thats it ๐Ÿ™‚

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