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Productions can become boring very quickly; especially in hip-hop.

You make your basic drum loop and instruments, and you just keep rinse and repeating the arrangement throughout the whole song!

But something a lot of people struggle with is bringing in a certain sound/instrument without it sounding out of place.

We do this with transitions/breaks.

Video Resources:

GratuiTous’ Risers + Transitions Vol. 1:
Download 25+ of my FREE Sound Effects!
How to Arrange a Song (or Beat):
Learn more about painting a picture in audio.

Different Types of Audio Transitions:

There are MANY different types of transitions. And I have quite a few tutorials showing different transitions you can use. Think of them as different types of paint brushes we can use in the audio world?

These transitions can range from:

  • Risers/Falls
  • A special loop played only before something new comes in
  • Using reverse cymbals
  • White noise to build tension
  • Basic snare roll we hear in basic dirty south beats
  • Filters are a HUGE transition!

Motive of this Tutorial:

The motive of this tutorial is to first give you an idea of painting a picture for your listeners, and then trying to be different from other producers.

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