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In this write-up, we go over some drum loop examples from my previous beats. There are 3 videos below, each broken down into it’s own section. Whenever I listen to these tracks, I always think about how much I like the drum loops. If you want more tips on drum loops, you can check out


Learn how to use reverb with these pro tips! We start with parallel routing, move into why using a low cut filter is effective on reverb, why a reverb’s predelay can make a difference, and a bonus tip to make you aware you can sidechain compress your wet signals!


This video stemmed from the previous post called How to Achieve Wide Stereo Snares in your Mix. Peeps were asking for an example walk-through video, so here it is! You’ll see how the layered snares really add an additional dimension/element to the mix! When I take them away, you’ll feel that the single snare sounds


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