Beatmaking With GratuiTous Round 3!

Beatmaking With GratuiTous Round 3!

Alright guys! Round 3!

Beatstruggles has definitely come a long way since the beginning, but only because of hard work, working together well with others, and above all, being HONEST.

In this video, I went from start to finish. Building the drum loop, showing the technique of layering (with the snare + kicks for extra impact), also, using a kick as a sort of rolling kick to help keep the swing of the beat, and bring the snare in gentler. — Cream of the Crop,

Sound Pack Flyer - LOGO - 1064x300

Since this video, Beatstruggles has launched an official website for It has been providing producers with the industry’s best kits at discounts. Check it out!

SPF - Cream of the Crop

Within this video, I used the bundle, Cream of the Crop. This is an amazing bundle leaving you with a lasting set of sounds that will never go stale! The bundle features a solid foundation of variety, dipping into three different categories, urban, hip-hop, and a bit of a trap.

This is a highly sought after, and highly recommend bundle, only through, home of industry kits at huge discounts.

Are Sounds REALLY That Important?

If you are starting up, no. Sounds aren’t super important. What’s important is learning your music program, and how to do techniques, whether that be mixing/mastering, sound-design, or beatmaking tricks.

What About When You Have Experience?

Yes, sounds are important. Yes, you can probably mix a track to sound quite good, but being provided with good sounds, it makes mixing ten times easier. Simply pop the high quality sounds in, make your beat, and now it requires minimal mixing!

Being Creative with it!

Now.. while beatmaking, quick sound-design skills are essential. Learning how to make a sound blend well into your beat is almost an untaught skill. It comes by fiddling around with tools you have to make your beat sound cool. By this I mean tweaking the sounds you are using to fit your beat, even if it’s just a matter of the in/out knob on the FL Studio channel settings of that individual sound, using EQ to blend it in, or adding effects such as delay/reverb.

Knowing how to tweak a sound to your liking, is a skill in itself!

Note, you can never resell a sound of another company, even if you tweaked it, and it’s unrecognizable. However, people still do it, but that does not mean it’s right.

How to Make a Beat — The Full Meal Deal,

I have come a very long way since the beginning. Keep this in mind!

If you are wanting to pursue music, it takes time to get where you want to get musically, then marketing is a whole nother story ;).


Actually learning how to make the beat. How to add effects on to the mixer.. learning what each effect does, and learning how to implement new ideas into the beat to give creativeness and uniqueness.


Mixing.. this is a HUGEEEE learning curve, but it’s all a process. If you take one thing at a time, everything shall fall into place. Do a little practice here and there, start learning how EQ’s can effect your music, pianos, kicks etc.

Third — Mastering..

Mastering is also a huge learning curve, if not bigger! If you are 100% new to audio, not knowing what anything does etc. I was there. I knew nothing. I was introduced to FL Studio from a good buddy, and just keep practicing and pursuing.

For the first year it was really nothing but beats, maybe a little bit of mixing here and there.

Since I’ve started to create my own albums, they have really pushed me to wanting to learn mixing and mastering, otherwise, I have to hire someone else to do the work for me, and what happens if I don’t like the end result of their work?

Piano Lessons with GratuiTous,

In this beat I put my piano skills to work. Knowing your piano scales helps sooo much in making beats. As you could see in the video, I just improvised loops left and right, and I was coming out with things that just sounded good.

Why? Cause I knew my scales.

Although, rhythm, and how I was playing the notes has a big impact to how the beat is going to sound, such as velocity, timing etc. Knowing the notes that sound good within the scale, this is HUGE!

I have a few videos regarding piano lessons, and how to get started up to know the piano while making beats. Piano Lessons with GratuiTous!

So Don’t Get Discouraged,

Everything will fall into place, but you must take one thing at a time, and not give up.

For more info on the beatmaking, check out more tutorials.

Watch other Beatmaking with GratuiTous Volumes,

To watch the other volumes, simply click next to go forward, or previous to go back a volume!

About The Author


GratuiTous is a Christian music producer striving to perfect his skills as a beatmaker, mixer, and mastering engineer. His articles strive to keep things simple, yet touch on the topic complex enough to have a decent understanding. He also releases FL Studio email series!

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