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What’s the point of an audio interface when you can use a USB Microphone. An audio interface is a sound card and allows for better connectivity to different types of mics/speakers.


You’re wanting to be a music production and don’t know where to start, or you’ve been producing for awhile and want to take music production more seriously.. here’s some thoughts to ponder on.


Here’s some reasons to buy your music production software and VSTs and support these developers. New features, better support, and a seamless workflow are just some of the points.


Because I’ve been working with a lot of automation on my email provider (MailChimp – that’s how I send you emails), they started to give a gift promoting their automation on free accounts now. They sent a promo email to me saying, “Want some free socks?” – I was like, “Ya, I want some free


I will be starting a consistent streaming schedule soon, but want some feedback from you to see where our schedules meet best!



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