Anno Domini Drum Collection Vol. 3 – REVIEW

Anno Domini Drum Collection Vol. 3 – REVIEW

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Anno Domini Back at it Again with Volume 3,

For those who have been with me in the beginning, Anno Domini Vol. 1 is definitely a kit I would highly recommend anyone.

This was my first kit that impressed me with the drums. All others were mediocre until clicking on my first AD Drum. Vol. 1 is still a kit I recommend to customers of — And guess what? Anno Domini is now back with Vol. 3!

What’s so Good About this Kit?

Anno Domini Drum Collection Vol. 3 - Flat

Honestly, there’s nothing more special with Vol. 3 compared to their own kits, but all of Anno Domini kits compared to other brands, there’s something special to say.

  • Beefy Drums
  • Hard-Bodied Snares that POP
  • Dirty, Gritty Hats
  • My Favorite Open Hats
  • An actual Bang for Your Buck

Be Confident in Anno Domini Sounds

Anno Domini always has great sound design. A real agressive, hard hitting, full sound to them. I especially like their sound design on their claps and snares; a nice touch of pre-delay on the reverb.

Also to mention, nicely organized into folders for easy access.

The Kicks,

The kicks in this kit provide you with the sky is the limit approach to your beats, except for 808’s. (Maybe you’ll have to get their Bangin’ Bass ;)).

The Claps,

Just going through the claps was so enjoyable, knowing that these are some good claps. I’ve been through a lot of kits, and when a solid kit comes around, it’s actually enjoyable to go through, listen to, and use.

These claps are sure to take control and bring some major impact into your beats.

The Snares,

The snares from Anno Domini are very similar to their claps. Big hits, a bit of pre-delay, and drenched in reverb, making a lasting impact over the beat.

Also to mention, jam-packed in the kit with 77 snares!


Full of cymbals, hats, open hats, percussion, this kit sets you up to create some commercial ready music.

Open Hats

Open hats are something I really enjoying receiving from Anno Domini. Their open hats are so gritty, so aggressive, blend so nice into the drum loop, and many times just complete a track.

Not many kits come with good open hats, which is the reason for speaking so highly of Anno Domini Drum Collection 3’s open hats.

Open hats play a huge role in filling and complete drum loops. Try slipping one in near the end of your drum loop to bring the loop back; keeps the loop catchy, and your listening waiting for the change up.

Cons that Aren’t Cons

Comparing Anno Domini Drum Collection 3 to their other kits, there isn’t much difference to the sounds. The kicks provide tons of variety, but comparing the snares/claps, they feel repetitive.

But if you were to purchase this for your only kit from Anno Domini, you’d be getting a great kit, and getting your hands on some of the hardest hitting snares out there!

Anno Domini Drums Vol. 3 — Overall,

Anno Domini Drum Collection Vol. 1 still takes first place for me. There’s something they did special with it that it still remains in my sounds folder.

But overall, the kit provides tons of quality, tons of bang, tons of variety, and if it’s your only kit by Anno Domini, welcome to some high quality sounds!

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GratuiTous is a Christian music producer striving to perfect his skills as a beatmaker, mixer, and mastering engineer. His articles strive to keep things simple, yet touch on the topic complex enough to have a decent understanding. He also releases FL Studio email series!

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  1. Lyrickz

    Everything is cool EXCEPT for the heavy reverb on EVERYTHING. That’s a deal breaker for me.

    • GratuiTous

      Ah I hear you, reverb definitely fills up a track nice, but too much and 🙁 lol. There are ways around it such as using a gate.. if you’d want to take it that far!

      Overall, I’m a big fan of their Vol. 1 — My fav out of all their kits!


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