This is the first volume of Acoustic Blends. The creators of the pack are Sounds in HD who teamed up with TheProducersChoice to create the “SOUND IN HD – COMPLETE BUNDLE”.

In this kit you get:

  • 40 Kicks
  • 30 Claps
  • 41 Snares
  • 30 Hats
  • 13 Toms

The sounds themselves are very clean, same goes for all the rest of the packs from Sounds in HD.

A few kicks hit super hard, but many are repetitive, soft, and on the weak end! The snare ares okay, the odd one stands out compared to the others, but going through the sounds, a lot of them sound very similar, but the odd one is definitely solid.

As for the claps, there are a lot of layered claps giving you a more, if I may, “gangster” feel to them. Again, a lot similar claps in the kit, but many are solid and unique. They allow you to create all different genres. The thing I like about the Sounds in HD collection is it allows you to create any genre of music, the toms are beautiful, and the rest of the kit is so versatile giving you the tools a producer “should have”.

The hats are very different in this kit; all are clean high quality sounding, allowing that hard open hat sound to even a couple nice perc sounds in the background.

And for the toms, comparing them to the other Sounds in HD kits, these are like a 2/10! The toms that Sounds in HD have in their other kits are amazing quality. Just that epic bass sound, but these toms in Acoustic Blends Vol. 1 sound like a cupboard closing!


When comparing this kit to the rest of the Sounds in HD COLLECTION it is probably the weak link. It is missing percussion and cymbals, but overall, the sounds are clean. There are a lot of the same sounds in the pack, a good handful are on the weak side. If this wasn’t included in the package deal, I probably would of been upset with my purchase. 🙁

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