GratuiTous offers FL Studio Skype lessons.

For one hour, you will have GratuiTous’ full, undivided attention to your music production questions.

If FL Studio beginner tutorials and FL Studio online courses just aren’t doing it for you, these lessons are intended for someone who needs that one-on-one approach to get up and running with FL Studio to speed up their learning process.

Recent Reviews:

  • $45 Per Lesson (Payment required prior to lesson)
How Do Lessons Work?

I prefer Skype because we can both talk with microphones, see one another’s screens, and even see each other over webcam.

Don’t feel like we have to use Skype. We can use any online service which allows me to answer your questions.

What are GratuiTous’ Strong Points?
  • How to Get Started with Music Production
  • Beautiful Melodies / Composition
  • Engaging Drum Loops with Variety
  • Mixing for a Clear Mix and Advanced Routing
  • Mastering to be Competitive + New Industry Loudness Standards
  • Best Products + Gear when Starting, and where to Save Money.
  • Online business email list strategies

GratuiTous’ time zone is Pacific Time Zone (PT) – Which is currently:

Where to Pay + Contact

You can simply pay with PayPal – If you have questions, use my contact form!

Please provide GratuiTous 24 hours notice!