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These Secret Treasures by GratuiTous Chorus: Mighty is Thy name, Give glory to His name, Heaven is His throne, the earth His footstool, Who are you, son of man? Dust of the earth is what you are, He gave you life, straight through your nostrils Verse 1: Mighty is Thy name, you know I give


These Secret Treasures by GratuiTous Verse 1: My chances come, but I let them slip, Hurting people blinded by their pains, Insecurities, in our bubbles from the thoughts of man, Teach me to be that friend, non-judgemental with open ears, Giving the Father’s wisdom, destroying these fears, Break through the barrier, real-talk, you can save


These Secret Treasures by GratuiTous Intro: We talk about this and that, we go about our ways, Forgetting to mention Jesus, with the power of His name, Thinking of the world’s ways, temptations deceive the weak, It’s the power of Christ’s Blood, and His Spirit that keeps us free, Ask for the peace He’ll give


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