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These Secret Treasures is GratuiTous’ fourth album released. The album title was inspired from Isaiah 45:3. If you continue with the Lord, He will show you hidden riches of secret places. But only if you surrender your life for His sake, and actually live it. One can go to church, one can talk about Christ,


What’s It Gunna Be: Life or Death is my third album release! If only the average music listener knew all the work and knowledge involved in producing an album! This release has actually turned out to be my favorite, with songs containing extremely powerful messages. In my experience, I’ve seen a lot of “Christian’s”  live


The Light to My Dark is my second official album I released onto iTunes. It was also the first album I attempted my own mastering! After the release of my first album, I was on a roll, releasing this second album only 6 months later. The album turned out quite diverse. A lot of my


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