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Peeps have asked for an example video. Here it is! Getting More Width and Wideness to Your Snares Using wide snares is an amazingly powerful way to add excitement, fullness, and an extra dimension to your track! There are a couple ways to achieve wide snares in your song, but my favorite approach is using


In this blog post, we will cover how to create good drum patterns inside FL Studio! Simply clicking in drums and other percussion elements is a big learning task at first, as you have to learn how some music theory works, and where you can place your sounds for them to sound good! The three


My music course ‘Organic Beats’ so far has 18 students enrolled with a 5 star rating! I’ve added two new videos showing how I’ve actually used this technique in real-world practice! Click the promo video, then scroll down to view ‘Beat Example 1’, and ‘Beat Example 2’!: Enroll to Organic Beats Music Course! What is


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